So that every Excel pool is unique, we incorporate special design features customized for our customers’ specific tastes. We embrace the natural attributes of your lot and create a design just for you.
Sun decks
Sun decks are a must for sunbathers! This shallow section of the pool, usually one-foot deep, is a great place to put a chaise lounge actually in the water. You’ll soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy the cool water at the same time. It’s a fun play area for little ones, too.

Diving boards
Diving boards are fun, but they require quite a bit of pool space. They need a depth of at least 81/2 feet. If you want to incorporate the fun of a diving board, but you want a more natural look, try a jump stone. They require less pool space and blend in well with the natural surroundings.

Waterfalls & Fountains
Waterfalls and fountains are fantastic additions to a pool. Like our pools, each one is unique. No two are alike. You can find waterfalls spilling over from the rim of a spa or the top of a flagstone wall. Sun decks and spas are great places for a fun bubbly fountain.

Beach Entries
A beach entry is an alternative to steps. Covered with natural stone, it’s almost like wading into the ocean. Although it’s a feature best suited for larger pools, smaller pools can create the same affect with a beach entry onto a sun deck.

If you’re looking for a custom-built pool, you’ll want the luxury of a spa. There’s nothing like relaxing in the evening in a warm spa while looking over a gorgeous cool, calm pool. They can be built any size -our standard is a seven-foot diameter to hold six people. You’ll find most of our spas are elevated for easy entry. You may prefer the natural look of water spilling down from boulders or the more contemporary look of glass blocks. Regardless of your preference, our spas are built to fit your taste.

Negative Edge
A negative edge or infinity edge creates the illusion of a never-ending pool of water. This is a perfect addition to a pool with a lake or pond backdrop.

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